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Religious pilgrimage: a trip to remember

Take a holy land pilgrimage, a tour to sacred grounds creates special memories for theology students. Study tours to holy land destinations are enhanced by assistance from the professionals at Tours-fm.com. Let us guide your church group to historic locations that will inspire and enthrall guests of all ages. Observe the significance of thousands of synagogues, cathedrals and monasteries referred to often in the Bible. Learn about the location on River Jordan where Jesus Christ was thought to be baptized or explore ancient territory of Egypt and the Dead Sea. Israel and Jordan scenic sites offer a view of both Christianity and Judaic cultures for travelers from around the world, regardless of the varying backgrounds of religions practiced. Take your next religious pilgrimage with a top travel agency specializing in voyages through biblical times. Tours-fm.com will ensure a trip to remember.

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Education for theology students: study tours to holy land

Gather your friends and family for a journey to biblical times. A religious pilgrimage, and holy land tours to areas of promised lands can be arranged simply and hassle free with the staff of Tours-fm.com. Looking for an educational tour? Our agents can customize trips to fit the needs of travelers. We do all of the work, from hotel and transportation arrangements to itinerary planning. Know that your travels will be handled to fit the objectives of the desired trip. We offer a variety of options for family vacations or educational journeys for theology students. Study tours to holy land territory offer beautiful attractions and mind boggling wonders. Learn how to get started on a trip of a lifetime by browsing through videos and sample itineraries throughout Tours-fm.com.