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Holy land tours: ancient travels

Voyage to ancient times with one of the top travel agencies servicing Jordan and surrounding cities. Tours-fm.com specializes in holy land tours designed for religious pilgrimages, group tour planning and individual getaways. Journey to Jerusalem with prearranged reservations and transportation accommodations by an experienced tour operator from Tours-fm.com. Our mission is to aid travelers in locating hospitable comforts of home while sampling the flavor of the Middle East. See the sights of ancient ruins, such as Petra, a city carved within mountains. Or, travel along River Jordan to wade in the waters of the Dead Sea.

We are also pleased to accommodate vacationers with biblical tours. Christian pilgrims can experience the spirituality of theological destinations without the worry of uncertain travel arrangements in unknown lands. Focus on the power of prayer along the journey and forget about travel woes. Tours-fm.com ensures that you're in good hands.

Biblical tours: Christian journeys

Follow the three kings through a journey rich with theological times. From Jerusalem to River Jordan, Tours-fm.com can lead the righteous path with biblical tours. Christian groups, religious organizations and individuals traveling will experience the beauty of exotic lands, with religious inspirations modeled in every structure, statue and construction along the way. Journey through history when visiting the remains of Jordan, Israel, Jerusalem and Petra. Admire ancient remains of the old city and gaze at reconstructions of temples and synagogues.

A tour arranged by Tours-fm.com can be customized to include a destination of choice, complete with comprehensive packages that offer hotel accommodations, transportation, itineraries and meal preparations. Experience a full-service vacation at an affordable price from a leading travel agency experienced in holy land tours and Jordan travel. Trust in the expertise of Tours-fm.com.