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Holy land tour explores biblical sites

Explore sacred grounds by voyaging to religious sites with Tours-fm.com. Our holy land tours bring individuals and groups on a religious pilgrimage to territories depicted in biblical stories. See the valley of the Dead Sea, a desert area associated with the Revelations. Journey to Jerusalem, the largest city within the state of Israel and part of the territory of the promised lands. Wade along River Jordan, the site where it is believed that John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. Beyond the religious significance of the sacred ground, each area of Jordan and Israel is distinct with ancient ruins and architectural wonders. Plan to be amazed and inspired by a holy land tour coordinated by experienced guides from Tours-fm.com. Each one of our agents have experienced the magic of the Middle East. We're ready to share the inspiration with you.

Holy land tours explore religions

Touring ancient ruins and biblical sites offers travelers the opportunity to explore various religions. For example, a holy land tour to the city of acient Jerusalem will expose pilgrims to a wide range of religious significance. In current day, this ancient city, as the capital of Israel, hosts a number of religious groups, but primarily three major religions:

  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam

Many sites along the way depict biblical times, such as the Western Wall for Jews and the Dome of the Rock for Muslims. The city hosts more than 1,200 synagogues, 150 churches and more than 70 mosques for tourists to admire. Tours-fm.com can guide guests and your religious pilgrimage through theological adventures with something for everyone to admire. Contact an agent today for customized, educational holy land tours that will awe and inspire both the young and the young at heart rich in mind and spirit. Tours-fm.com representatives are waiting to serve your needs.