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High desert adventures: wade through carved creations

What would a vacation be without the presence of breathtaking views of mountains? Imagine witnessing the beauty of a city completely carved into a mountain, such as Petra. Walk into one of the new Seven Wonders of the World guided by experienced tour guides from A popular stop on one of our 1, 2, 3, or even 8 day aventure travel tours, this monumental city offers historically-defining sights for tourists worldwide. The Eastern entrance, most popular for visitors, serves as a waterway that flows into Wadi Musa. As tourists enter the shaft, perfectly carved structures emerge from the elaborate ruins. Don't miss the view of a lifetime with high desert adventures offered by a company well-versed in the flavor of the Middle East. Browse to begin travel plans today.

The beauty of Petra: walk into history

Visitors worldwide can witness the beauty of a rock carved mountain city by purchasing excursions and stays from Sharm, Amman, or Aqaba. is pleased to present high desert adventures, and adventure travel tours at affordable prices for our online audience. The beauty of ancient ruins provides both a breathtaking memory and a lesson of architectural history for tourists vacationing or pilgrimaging to Petra. Walk into a city rich with the following historical structures:

  • The Treasury: the most elaborate ruin carved at the end of the entrance gorge
  • The Amphitheatre: a massive theatre cut into the hillside with elaborate towers and built-in seating
  • The Monastery: a hillside structure with hand-carved columns and rectangular cut ins

Petra's structures are a sight to see. Let assist in establishing customized travel plans that are rich with culture and comfort. Contact us to see how our agents can simplify international travel.