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Journey to ancient Jerusalem

Visit Israel's capital with a hassle free trip arranged by Tours-fm.com. Offering flavorful journeys to ancient Jerusalem and Middle East destinations, our top travel guides are on board with customized travel plans for individuals or groups wishing to embark on a religious pilgrimage, or holy land tours. Learn about the history of the Promised Land while admiring the city's emblems and grand temples. Shop through local markets with handmade crafts and religious artifacts galore. Take home a souvenir or snap up pictures of historic lands rich with authentic culture. Tours-fm.com also customizes voyages to bring the luxury of home to far away cities. We will arrange for bus or jeep transportation, as well as hotel and meal arrangements for travelers. Embark on a group tour to Israel or Jordan without the worry of uncertain plans and destinations. Our experienced agents are ready to show you the world.

Group tour to Israel offers culture

Voyages to lands with unforeseen archaeological majesty are awaiting. A holy land tour to Israel offers more than just a vacation, it becomes a pilgrimage with perks. Let the guides of Tours-fm.com teach your family and friends about the significance of Jordan's architecture or Jerusalem's religions of origin. Observe the distinctive landscaping and breathtaking views. Witness the most elaborate cultural event of the year amid Israel's festival gala or listen to the grand sounds exuding from the Khan Theater in ancient Jerusalem. Walk through the David Tower Museum or admire the Shrine of the Book. Pick and choose desired destinations when planning a customized trip with Tours-fm.com. Contact us to find out how dreams of international travel can be fulfilled with ease.